Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Ta-Da!

It’s amazing what you find when you start looking for UFO’s and over and under other hidden away projects.  Yesterday while looking for another UFO to quilt, I came across this one.  It was all finished except for the binding.  When I pulled it out I found extra fabric (apparently for the binding) tucked away within the folds.  So I dug around some more and found some fabric that would work for a flange and today I finished it up. 

This one was made using my “East Meets West” pattern.  The only difference is it doesn’t have the outer border on it like the original pattern.  I was making this with a child in mind so decided to make it a little bit smaller than the original, but it’s still plenty big and snuggly.



This will now go into the donate pile.  I’m hopeful it will find it’s way to some young person that will love it. 



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