Sunday, June 5, 2011

UFO # 1

Now that I’ve finished my UFO that is due next, it’s time to pull out the next one.  Due in August is UFO #1.  For me it is a completed top that needs to be quilted, bond and a label attached.  Sounds simple enough, it always does.

Here it is:

IMG_3475 And a couple of close-ups.

IMG_3476 IMG_3477

I really have no idea why I never got around to finishing this one.  I really do like it.  But like the others, it was started many years ago at a guild retreat.  It was a mystery designed by my friend Sue.  Guess I better figure out how to get it quilted.  Should I do it or have Sue do it.  We’ll see. 




  1. Great close ups....

    love it!

  2. What a happy summer quilt. How long have you had that one? It's nice to get these done.

  3. Great design and use of fabrics and color. Excellent.



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