Saturday, June 18, 2011

And now a word from our sponsor. . . . .

Not really a sponsor but it is my retreat business that Marilyn and I co-own.  We are happy to announce that the website for Two Wacky Women has been updated and is ready for signups for 2012.  As many of you know our retreats tend to sell out fairly early so if you’d like to join us next year, I would suggest signing up sooner rather than later. 

We are adding a location next year, so some of our retreats will be at the Embassy Suites in Palm Desert, CA.  We still love the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods, CA but it’s time to venture out and add a second location.  You can visit the website to see additional information about the two hotels. 

But the BIG NEWS is. . . . . . we are hosting a 5 night, 5 day retreat with Mary Lou Weidman.  Mary Lou is not only a fabulous artist but she’s also a wonderful teacher and author.  She teaches all over the world and has taught at Empty Spools Seminars for many years.  Check out the prices and then come back and visit us.  You will be amazed at what a really, really good bargain our retreat is. 

Here’s a few pictures that I took while taking a class from Mary Lou at Road to California earlier this year. 










If you like whimsical or wacky, this is the retreat for you.



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