Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Email–Letty’s Bag

Yesterday I received the sweetest email from Louise Wagner along with a picture of a Letty’s Bag she made.

Hi Robin,

Just wanted to show you the purse I made with your pattern "Letty's Bag".  It is a gift for my sister, Nancy, I sent her a pix of it already, and she loves it!  Me too!  Now, I'm off to make one for myself! Thank you for making the pattern so easy to follow, I do appreciate that alot.  Sometimes after you purchase a pattern you find that the directions are a tad bit sketchy and it leaves you hanging~ but not with yours, it was wonderful, and I did go to see the video on the grommets, the set I'd purchased didn't come with a template, but I'd made one up, it worked just fine. 

Thanks again, and keep on coming up with jazzy bags!  I love making them for my friends and family.


Louise Wagner

Here’s the bag Nancy is getting as a gift.

Lousie Wagner

It’s a pretty in pink bag I do believe. 

Thank you Louise for taking the time to write the sweet note and for sending me a picture. I love to see what people make using my patterns.




  1. How fun is this???? I know you are just thrilled.

  2. That came out so cute! I've never sewn a purse.


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