Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trunk Show Thursday–6/23/11

It’s the first weekend of summer so I thought I’d show you my Watermelon Table Topper.

IMG_3627 Several of us in my friendship group made these.  We shared reds so that we had a lot of variety.  It originally was a pattern from a magazine but we changed it up a bit.  The original had all the strips the same size but I think it’s much more interesting by varying the strip width.  The seeds are made by spray painting heart buttons, black.  I love the double binding.  It really makes it have a watermelon look.



It’s always fun to pull it out each year and place it on top of the table in my entryway. 





  1. How neat! I have this pattern and forgot all about it. I'd better add it to my "to do" list. Like the way you used the heart buttons.

  2. Love your slice of melon. All the reds look neat mixed in there. I have a Pat Sloan pattern for one like this! Need to get it worked up!


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