Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ready for the Quilter

I have two quilts all ready to take to my friend Sue who will quilt them on her longarm machine.  I was going to piece a backing for my Kaffee Fassett Lattice Patch quilt that I made at the Two Wacky Women retreat a few weeks ago.  Remember this?  It’s kind of wrinkled now, but I really will press it before I take it to Sue.  


While digging around in my sewing room deciding what to use for the back, I remembered this.


I’m pretty sure I showed it before but it’s a piece of fabric that I got at Ikea a while back.  I think it’s perfect and will make a really different and fun backing and I don’t even have to piece it.

The other quilt is one of my UFO’s that needs to get finished by August.  I was going to quilt it myself but I’ve got more than enough to do without worrying about it so off to Sue it will go.




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