Saturday, July 24, 2010

Las Vegas Workshop – Installment 2

I’m way behind on my Blogging but will really try to get caught up over the next week.  I’ve had company, caught a cold from my husband, John and have been to the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA.  I’ve been busy but I really need to get caught up,

So back to my recap of the Las Vegas Workshop.  Back on this Blog post I told you about my drive to Las Vegas and what Melinda and I did on the Sunday before the start of the workshop.   On Monday we started right off on our first project.  An old friend Jan Krueger of Hearthside Quilters Nook, taught “Once in a Blue Moon”.

Here are just some of the quilts either made or in process.

IMG_1804 IMG_1805
IMG_1806 IMG_1807
IMG_1811 IMG_1812
IMG_1813 IMG_1814
IMG_1880 image

The bottom picture on the left are my blocks and the blocks on the right are Melinda’s. 

I worked on mine of and on all week, in between other projects. 

The next installment will show pictures from the class I taught on Tuesday, Magnolia Lane.  I hope you come back so that you can see all the great tops that were made.

Until then……



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  1. That is a great quilt fun to see the same block design made up in so many different versions!


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