Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday – July 5, 2010

I purchased a new laptop so I need a sleeve for it.   I had these Kafee Fasset 5” squares sitting around so I decided to use them as a starting point.


They are now sewn together and layered so that I can quilt it today.  This will then become my outside fabric for the sleeve.  I’m taking notes as I go so if it turns out well, I’ll do an on-line tutorial for it.  We’ll see.

To see what everyone else is up to, head on over to Judy’s Blog




  1. You got a new laptop? I still want a IPad but can't convince myself I need one. I never made a sleeve for my current laptop - I wimped out an bought a case - black and white and lime green!

  2. When did you get a new laptop? I'm with Melinda, bought one over at Biglots. LOL Not as cute as her's or yours using Kaffe fabrics.


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