Saturday, July 17, 2010

Las Vegas Workshop – Installment 1

As mentioned before I just got back from spending the week in Las Vegas with a group of 37 quilters.  My sister, Melinda and I had a wonderful time, sewing to our hearts content.   Our trip started last Saturday leaving from my home in Southern California and driving to Las Vegas.  This is typically a 4 hour drive but we managed to hit traffic, make a few pit stops so that the trip took us about 5 1/2 hours. 

One of our regular stops  is in Baker, California in the middle of the Mojave desert.  There is a fast food place called “The Mad Greek” and they have the best shakes and malts ever.  If you’ve never been to the Mojave desert in July, I can sum it up in one word “HOT”.


Keep in mind it was probably about 5:00 pm when this picture was taken.   Back on the road we finally pulled in to our hotel  around 7:00 pm, had a bite to eat and hit the sack.  I was tuckered out. 

The workshop didn’t start until Monday so we had all day Sunday to goof off.  After having a really great brunch, Melinda and I decided to treat ourselves to pedicures.  We were both in a dotty mood so we both got polka dots painted on our toes.

0710 Robin_thumb

Here’s a lovely picture of my left foot (really I have a right foot but it was shy that day).

 0710 Pedicure_thumb

My sister is very stylish, her toes match her flip flops. 

We also managed to visit two quilt shops and Wal-Mart  before heading back to the hotel for a drink and appetizer for dinner, we needed to rest up for the next morning when the sewing would begin. 

Next up, Day 1 of the workshop, a log cabin called Circle of Friends.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow. 



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  1. cute toes! I love that your sister's match her flip-flops. Was this planned?


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