Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fusible Velcro – Does it Stick?

In the past many of us have been frustrated with fusible Velcro that doesn’t stick.  I don’t know what changed but now there is a product that works for me.

IMG_1793It’s called Fabric Fusion and it’s available at JoAnn’s and I’m sure many other places.  One of my packages looks a little different but I believe it’s the same thing and it came from Tall Mouse, which is a local to me craft/fabric store. 

I received the following email so although I answered  Gayla’s email I thought I’d share my thoughts with you. 

Hi Robin,
I was reading your blog just now and you mentioned that you use the fusible Velcro. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, because every single time I have used it it has come unstuck during use, and I end up hand stitching it back in place. This would be embarrassing on a gift.  We want our handmade gifts to function properly as well as look beautiful!
Do you use dry heat or steam to fuse the Velcro?  Do you fuse it through fabric and batting?  The idea of fusible Velcro is great, I just wish I could get it to work properly.
By the way, my quilt group took a "field trip" to M&L today, and my secret sister from '09 was using her Letty's Bag that I made for her.  She loves it, and I had forgotten how pretty it is!  I think it is about time I made one for myself.
Any help you could give me regarding the fusible Velcro would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s my response. 

Hi Gayla,
Thanks for reading my Blog.  I use a lot of heat and steam and iron and iron and iron until the Velcro is very secure.  I am ironing  through fabric and batting so I take my time.  Once I've fused through the fabric and batting I turn it over and put an old fabric softener sheet over the Velcro (or you could use a scrap of fabric as a pressing cloth) and iron it some more.  Don't mess with it until it has completely cooled. 
Thanks for the great question, I think I'll do a Blog entry about Velcro.

Any one else want to share your experience?




  1. Cool. I'll check it out. Haven't tried this fusible velcro.


  2. If you noticed, the fusible velcro on your Kindle cover is sewn down because it didn't stick! You can show me how you do it tonight!


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