Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bags – Small and Fun

I thought I’d show you some fun little bags that I’ve made over the last few days.  I’m playing with the size and various materials.  What do you think?

Snappy Bags

These are snappy bags and are made with metal measuring tape at the top so that they snap closed. 

IMG_1892 IMG_1893
This one is made with fabric.  I cut the metal tape a little too long, you can see it pushing each end out.  Here’s a peek at the inside.   I quilted it very simply, just enough to hold all the layers together.

IMG_1890 IMG_1891
Here’s one that was made to be a little coin purse.  But I don’t think it closes tight enough at the top to hold my change.  Cute polka dot lining.  Both the outside and inside are oil cloth.  I love it but it makes it difficult to turn it inside out.

IMG_1888 IMG_1889
This one is just about the right size to hold money, checks or receipts.  Black and white polka dots, can’t go wrong with that. 

And best of all, a new little cell phone/camera bag and it was a gift!  It came to me all the way from Australia from my friend Naomi.

IMG_1894 IMG_1895
I love the color and it’s the perfect size for my camera.  Here’s a peek inside.  Great job Naomi.  I love it!

Naomi, I’d swear I saved the envelope it came it, but I can’t find it.  Would you please email me your address, I have a little thank you I’d like to send off to you.




  1. I love the snap bags...I've mae a few. I really like the one that's from laminated fabric(black & white polka dots)

  2. Ok, so those are about the cutest things ever.

  3. Hi Robin, I'm glad the pouch arrived and your camera fits inside. I'll email you my address, but you honestly don't have to send me anything. I have the snap happy pattern too...might have to find all the measuring tapes I stocked up on till I got the pattern, and make some....mine won't be in oilcloth though! Great job on yours though Robin. Hugs Naomi

  4. Robin, I just discovered your blog..and its on my bloglines already! Do you think I could do a bag like your cell/camera bag like you did the laptop cover? Thanks for your great tutorials!


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