Monday, July 5, 2010

New Laptop Sleeve – Finished!

This morning I showed you the beginning of a laptop sleeve for my new laptop.  After staring at it for a while I finally decided how to quilt it. 


What I came up with was a simple curved cross hatch using lime green thread. 

IMG_1751It’s kind of hard to see, but it really is lime green.  Here’s a picture showing the lining, maybe you can see it a little better on the lining side.


Oh well maybe not, but it looks good.

I used the same black and white lining fabric for the binding. 

IMG_1778And here it is with my laptop peeking out.  You can see I used Velcro for the closure. 

IMG_1781I absolutely love it.  

Would you like a tutorial?   I took notes as I went along so it shouldn’t be too hard. 




  1. It looks like a big Kindle cover. Is it basically the same thing?

  2. Very nice. I say yes to the tutorial.

  3. Beautiful. Yes, I'd love a tutorial. I've actually been thinking I need to make a quilted sleeve for my laptop and mentally walking thru the steps to do so. Would love to have your help (pretty please).


  4. That looks great!! I would love a tutorial :)



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