Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Wall Monday – 8/2/10

Two very different Log Cabins!

Sorry I missed last week, I’ve had a bad cold that is celebrating it’s 2 week anniversary today.  For some reason this one just doesn’t seem to want to go away.  I’m sure hoping that this will be a better week.

My design wall hasn’t changed much since a couple of weeks ago.  The only sewing I’ve done was at a class I attended at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival. 


The blocks on the left you saw back on 7/19/10 (they’re still up there) but I added the blocks I made in the workshop in Long Beach.    The class was by Karen Eckmeier of   It was a fun class but I doubt that I make any more blocks.  I’m thinking this would make a great floor pillow.  I might have to add a wonky border but that should be easy. 

Here’s a picture of the book we received as part of the class.


Don’t forget to check out what everyone else has on their design walls.  Head on over to Judy’s blog and click away, it’s inspiring.  Have a great week.



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