Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What’s it going to be?

I have a lousy cold but my timing is perfect.  I spent last weekend in Portland visiting family and I have a retreat that my partner Marilyn and I are hosting in a week and a half, so if I was going to get sick, this is absolutely the right time.

I still have several things to finish up for the retreat and I’ve actually started working on them but I came across these blocks that I made some time ago.


I used a Hoffman Bali Pop.  Instead of leaving the strips as they come, 2 1/2”, I varied the width to make it more interesting.  I quilted the first one quite awhile ago but finally quilted the second one this morning. 

So now, What’s it going to be?  Stay tuned and I’ll show you my progress.  I plan to continue to work on this in between the retreat items I’m making.



Comments are welcomed and encouraged. smile_shades


  1. It's looking pretty darn cool so far! ;-)

    Take care of yourself, everybody I know (including myself) have gotten a cold or flu in the past few and lots of hot tea!

    ~ Kathy

  2. Was it hard to cut down the Bali Pop? I can't wait to see what you are making

  3. Beautiful...from the photos it looks like earth and water.


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