Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tali’s New Book Bag

Last week after I had finished my new grommet bag pattern “Letty’s Bag”, my granddaughter Natalia saw it and immediately wanted one.  Tali is a Junior at Chapman University and she thought this was the perfect bag to carry her books and “stuff” in when going to class. 

Yesterday my daughter Shelli and I headed over to M & L Fabrics looking for just the right fabric for Tali.  Tali is a very pink girly, girl.  When Shelli spotted this fabric we new it was a winner, pink and hearts.  What more could a girly girl want. 

So last night I made the bag for her.  I completed everything but the finishing touches on the strap,  I wanted to make sure it was the right length when she uses it cross body. 

She was here this evening for our weekly Sunday night dinner.  Needless to say, she was thrilled with her new bag and has already stuffed it full of all her stuff.  I told her in exchange for me making it, she had to agree to model it for me and let me take pictures. 


Tali 1

See the pink she is wearing?  And can you see all the bracelets?  We think she takes after my Mom who loved jewelry and always wore lots of ring and bracelets.  Tali is a very pretty and kind girl.  We’re very proud of her,




  1. I love Tali's bag! It's just right for her. What a pretty girl.

  2. I like it Robin. You found the perfect pattern for Tali. I too was at M&L yesterday.

  3. It is perfect for Tali! She looks great modeling the bag. Great fabric for her.

    She does take after Mother and her jewelry doesn't she.

  4. lovely granddaughter! AND lovely bag! aren't you proud?

  5. I love Tali's gorgeous pink bag! and she looks like a model with that bag on her shoulder....! Stunning!


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