Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plus a Candy Bar!

So I thought I’d show you what I bought at Fabric Depot. I have so much fabric and actually controlled myself (at least by not buying fabric).  Remember if you spend $50.00 you get a free candy bar.


I couldn’t resist purchasing more grommets.  I’ve had trouble finding the large black ones on the left and I figured I better buy more of the medium platinum ones just because.  But the great find was the shiny silver grommets.  I’ve never seen these before I can hardly wait to play with them. 

I figured I’d buy another Companion Angle ruler that will be used at the upcoming Two Wacky Women retreat and while I was at it bought the 3 1/2” x 9 1/2” Easy Rule Jr. ruler, it seems like a great size to live with my traveling sewing supplies.  

And then the button, ah……the button.  Maureen needed to have some fabric cut so the guy in the bridal area wasn’t busy so he invited us over to his department to cut her fabric.  Well let me tell you, they have gorgeous things in the bridal department including some fabulous buttons.  I couldn’t resist this one.  It is a little over 2” in diameter and appears to be ceramic.  I just love it.


Did I mention we each got a candy bar?  I got a Big Hunk.  Haven’t had one of those in years.  BTW did you know it is very low in fat?  Let’s don’t talk about the sugar content. 



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