Friday, September 4, 2009

LLB or Letty’s Little Bag

I had such a good time making and designing “Letty’s Bag” and I Blogged about it here.  Yesterday my husband John and I delivered the original prototype bag to Letty.  She was thrilled with it.  I think part of the fun of this bag was knowing that it was going to this very nice lady.  The pattern is completed and ready to go (but not on the website yet) but if you’re interested just drop me an email. 

After completing the large bag and using the large grommets I decided to make a smaller bag using the 1” grommets.  I really like this bag it’s just the right size.  I’s big enough to hold my wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and a few other items but not so big that stuff it so full I can barely lift it.  The strap can be used three different ways.  Doubled to go over the arm.  Pulled to one side to fit cross body, or looping one side across the back and the other side over the shoulder. 

Cover Photo

So far I’m made two of them.  The green one was the prototype and the black one I made as I wrote the pattern.  My friends Linda and Marilyn are testing the pattern so it should be available shortly.  Let me know if your interested. 




  1. I love it!. I think I like the smaller one. Good job Robin.

  2. Robin, the "LLB" looks great! I have made a version of the larger one and think it, too, is a very nice bag. I'd be interested in the pattern for the "LLB" when it is ready.
    Thanks for showing it to us.

    Jean S


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