Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miss August is in the Making

Yesterday I showed my EQ version of a Garden Girl.  As I mentioned, she is inspired by Garden Club Quilts by Country Threads, Inc.  It’s certainly not exact but let’s just say, she’s similar.  I think I’m going to make individual small quilts.  I’ll find a place to hang them one at a time, changing it out each month. 

Girlie Girl with Chin and Hair

My version is going to be paper pieced and will be a 12” square.  Yesterday I printed out the PP pattern but since it’s a 12” block it prints out on 4 different pieces of paper.  After taping it together and then cutting it apart in segments, I took it to Office Depot and had them make copies. 

Here’s the fabrics I picked out for Miss August.


She’s going to be wearing a sunflower dress with a red hat and shoes.  I’ve started making it so you can check back tomorrow to see how she turns out. 




  1. I sooooo love the fabrics!!!

  2. Your girls are going to be wonderful! I can't wait to see your progress on them! :0)


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