Friday, July 8, 2011

A Beautiful Piece of Jewelry

My dear friend Merna has always been a crafter and she is now into making glass jewelry.   Here’s a piece she gave me as a gift.  Isn’t it beautiful?
She and her husband, Rog moved to Texas many years ago but they are back “home” for a few weeks and are staying with they’re youngest son, Tom.  The good news is that Tom lives really close to us so we’ve already seen them three times and we’re going to have breakfast with them again on Monday.   We’ve really missed them.   We used to have dinner together at least once a week.  You really know who your true friends are when you can go without seeing them for several years and pick up exactly where you left off.   Sure wish they’d move back. 


  1. It really is beautiful. Does she sell her jewelry?

  2. That is a beautiful piece of jewelry....It is good to have friends like that, never stop being friends.

  3. It is a really beautiful piece of jewelry. What a wonderful friend. I know what you mean about picking up right where you left off -- it's a wonderful feeling.

  4. That is beautiful! I love glass. I've looked into getting a kiln to be able to make my own fused glass for jewelry.


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