Monday, January 11, 2010

What’s On My Design Wall – 10/11/10

It’s time to move forward and figure out what to work on next.  This morning this is what is on my design wall.


  • The top is something I was playing with a while back.  It started out as a set of Bali Pops by Hoffman (2 1/2 strips of batiks).  I think it going to be………..Surprise – a tote bag. 
  • Bottom left has been there for a long time.  It’s a reminder that I have a split nine patch in the works. 
  • Center bottom is another thing I’ve been playing with.  It’s 2 1/2” strips of Kaffe fabric that may turn out to be a Twilight Serenade.   
  • On the bottom right is a picture of a quilt that is a simple scrappy quilt that I’m using as inspiration.
  • And last but not least, grommets just in case I haven’t made enough Letty’s Bags smile_thinking

To see what others have on their design wall head on over to Judy’s Blog and check it out. 

Don’t forget, my giveaway starts tomorrow.  Be sure to check back.




  1. This is a creative design wall...lots of inspiration, projects started and ideas brewing!

  2. Cute string blocks. I'll be looking forward to see the tote finished. - Hugs, Ivani in Brazil

  3. I would like to have a design wall, just don't have the space right now.

  4. I love those green/yellow blocks!

    My design wall is blank but I'm going to start a scrappy nine patch today. I haven't decided on my setting yet but I can at least make some blocks since I have a bunch of 2.5 inch strips already cut.

  5. Love the fabrics you choose, hmm my design wall has a wall hanging started which needs more material and a queen size quilt as you go quilt I need to finish LOL


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