Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hoffman of California

Today was a workday for Two Wacky Women. smile_nerd It was time for Marilyn and I to go shopping and start restocking some of our fabric.  Today’s trip was to Hoffman of California.  We are fortunate to live a short drive away so we are able to go into the warehouse and shop. 

Here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse.  I meant to take more pictures as we went up and down the aisles but it had been a while since we’d been there so I was too excited to remember until right at the very end.


Here’s the front of the building.  That’s a palm tree on the left that I managed to cut off.


So use your imagination.


This is a collection of surf boards hanging on the wall in the warehouse.   In case you don’t know, Hoffman is known for it’s Hawaiian prints as well as it’s batiks.  We love their batiks.


Here’s our loot all ready to load in the trunk of Marilyn’s car.  It doesn’t look like a lot in the picture but there’s quite a few bolts there.



Just a couple of quick shots from the back door. 

All and all, I’d say a pretty darn good day at the office.  Oh, and did I mention it was a beautiful 72 degrees out today.  I love living in sunny Southern California. 



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  1. Yes, a good day at the offic, and the lunch was pretty good, oh, and the new quilt store, Sacred Moondance was a treat. And, tomorrow. . . .



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