Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enough Letty’s Bags

I think I’ve made enough Letty’s Bags for a while and I’ll bet you’re starting to get a little sick of seeing them, but bear with me one more time.  I promise not to make any more for at least a few more weeks. 

That being said, once again, I love this one.  This is made using one of the new fabrics from Hoffman.  It’s call “Petal Punch”.  Makes be long for spring.

Here’s the front of the bag -


It’s hard to see the wonderful button but you can see a close-up of it here.  I bought it back in September and have been waiting for just the right place to use it. 

I  like the front but it didn’t photograph well but check out the back.



And last but not least a picture of the inside.


In case you’re thinking about making your very own “Letty’s Bag”, check back Tuesday.  I’ll be offering a give-a-way featuring some of things you need to make your own.




  1. What a great sample? Is it a sample? What, you are going to USE it? :-)

  2. Love that Fabric, I see that Marilyn wants it hehe.......LOL...

  3. You can never have enough Letty's Bags! Lookin' great!

  4. This is my favorite Lettys Bag of all!

  5. OK I showed this to Lauren and she loves it - I need to get the pattern and attempt it myself. She wants to use it as a bookbag as well.


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