Saturday, January 9, 2010

7:30 Update of Today’s To-Do List

Well I’ve goofed off some, had some dinner and goofed off some more but I did finish the store sample.  It still needs a big button on the front but I’ll leave it up to the store to pick out a fabulous button and sew it on. 


Here’s the inside -


This is the sample for The Quilt Cupboard in Garden Grove, CA.  The owner, Sheri, picked out the fabric.  I hope she likes how it came out.  If you’re in the area stop by and see the bag in person, they will have a supply of patterns available.  While you are there say hi to Annie the resident quilt shop cat. 

I’m off to cut out my next project , I’ll let you know how I do tomorrow as I continue to sew.




  1. LOVE the black and yellow...must make one of these myself! ;-)

    Great job!

  2. Love it, fantastic bag and colours looks really effective

  3. I love this bag almost as much as mine. Donut muffins on the schedule for today!


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