Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain or No Rain – It’s Retreat Time

As many of you know, it’s been raining and raining here in Southern California.  I’m sure the rest of the world thinks we’re wimps but in our defense we just never get this much rain and our streets and drainage system just isn’t designed to handle it.  But the show must go on. 

This weekend Two Wacky Women are hosting a retreat featuring Billie Lauder as our guest instructor.  Marilyn and I will be leaving in just a little while so that we can get set-up before our guests arrive.  Yesterday we had to pack up the cars with all our fabric, kits, notions and retreat supplies.  We manage to load everything between storms and without getting wet.  I’m not so sure we’ll be as lucky this morning. 

The featured project for the weekend will be working with 5” and 10” squares, as well as 2 1/2” strips.  Billie has a new book coming out in the spring so hopefully some of the blocks/quilts made this weekend will make it into it. 

As the facilitators Marilyn and I probably won’t have time to sew but just in case, here’s what I’m taking. 


All Kaffe, and mostly purchased last weekend at Road to California. 

I’ll be taking pictures and posting throughout the weekend.  So stay dry and stay tuned.




  1. LOVE Kaffe!! Can't wait to see what you come home with in the way of finished projects.

  2. FUN! Have a great time you guys (which of course you will)! ;-)

  3. I want to see what you do with the Kaffe's. Have fun on your retreat - we are having a great time on ours.


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