Friday, July 31, 2009

Vegas Again – Barb and her Quilt

OK…….so this may be the last post regarding my trip to Las Vegas but no guarantees. 

A little history is in order.  Back in 1999 I saw Mary Ellen Hopkins on Simply Quilts and knew that I “had” to take a class or workshop from her.  After convincing my sister, Melinda, that she wanted to take a class with me and searching the internet we found out that Mary Ellen had a couple of hands-on workshops.  At that time Melinda lived in the Chicago area so we decided to attend a 5 day workshop in Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turns out, it was full but we were told of a small ME workshop in Las Vegas.  The contact for the Las Vegas workshop was none other than Barb Tryon.  That first year we were a very small group but it has continued to grow and grow.  Last year was the last time Mary Ellen attended but the group has become so close that we continue on without her.  We are all very thankful to her for bringing us all together.  I have made wonderful lifelong friends from around the country and as far away as Australia.

As I mentioned before, many of us contributed quilt blocks for a quilt for Barb Tryon who spends a great deal of time planning and organizing our annual Las Vegas week.  She is dedicated to the group and works tirelessly though out the year. 

The blocks were brought to Vegas by each of us and assembled there.  Originally, Jan Krueger volunteered to add the sashing and sew it all together.  Jan is a fast sewer but it was a big job.  Melinda and I decided to stay behind one evening and help Jan with the assembly.  We made quite a team, sewing as fast as we could and we managed to get it finished before everyone’s return.  In fact the quilt top was presented to Barb that evening.

So here’s a picture of Barb and her quilt.  I’m pretty sure she was very surprised.


The quilt went home with Melinda (she is a fabulous long arm quilter) to be quilted and then returned to Barb. 

Thank you Barb for all your hard work.  I can hardly wait for next year.



  1. I'll second that "thank you" to Barb! Linda Rizzo

  2. It's a beautiful quilt and I am sure that Barb loves it.


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