Monday, August 3, 2009

Design Wall Monday – 8/3/09

It’s a new week and time to start on a couple of new projects. 

Design Wall

First is the fabric at the bottom of the picture.  I’m designing a new tote bag that will use grommets for the shoulder strap to go through.  I have it all planned out in my head, now I just have to make it and get it all down in a pattern.  The first bag is being made to try out my idea so it is going to be a prototype.  The working name is “Lettie’s Bag”.  Can you guess?  It’s being made for a very nice lady named Lettie. 

I also hope to start working on a Christmas quilt using blocks from a block exchange many years ago.  This is the block I made, now I have to find all the other blocks so that I can start playing with them.  They are all no doubt slightly different sizes so I will be adding sashing, nine patches and maybe a few Christmas trees to make it all come together.  I’ll keep you posted when and if I get around to working on this.

Have a great week!



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