Saturday, August 29, 2009

Letty’s Bag Pattern

I did it!  I finished my second Letty’s Bag.  The pattern is finished and has been sent to my trusty pattern tester, my sister Melinda.  Check out her Blog at .  She always has something interesting to show and talk about. 

I told you I make two bags, one as the prototype and the second to actually write the pattern.  Here’s a picture of both of them together.


The first one is going to Letty the first of the week, and the second one will be my sample.  It really is pretty easy to make and is something a little different for me.  I’ll post a message when the pattern is available for sale (after it is tested and proofed). 

Next on the agenda is to make a small bag to take on vacation.  I bought smaller grommets today to play with.  Maybe tomorrow smile_teeth , we’ll see. 




  1. I just love all your bags....they have a really "funky" look about them! great bags!

  2. Love your bags...just watched a tutorial of yours and it was absolutely GREAT! So glad I found your blog. I just started Visit sometime. Holley

  3. Love your bags! So glad I found your blog. Just watched a tutorial by you and it was great! I started blogging recently ... Visit sometime. Holley


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