Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Socks, Socks and a Cute Basket

So as I sit here this morning perusing a bunch of Blogs that I follow, I came across Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.  Judy asked for fellow Bloggers to post a picture of socks they have made or are currently knitting.  Since I still haven’t managed to get into my sewing room and start the tote bag I need to make I decided I’d share my sock knitting with you.  

So here it goes.  Here’s the first pair I knitted.


These were made while taking a class to learn how to knit both socks at one time on one circular needle.  My friends know that I am knitting challenged.  I can knit but that’s about it, if I make a mistake I’m sunk and have to wait for one of my knitting friends to fix it for me.  Since I make a fair amount of mistakes you can see how this makes knitting a very slow process.

The best part of knitting small projects is that I get to use this great basket. 


I found it at the Orange County Market Place (the swap meet in Costa Mesa, CA).  I love this basket, I’ve tried to find another one but unfortunately, no luck. 

After I finally concurred my first pair of socks.  It was time to attempt a second pair.  So here they are still on the needles waiting to be finished.  (I refuse to admit how long they’ve been this way smile_sad .


These are ankle socks that are suppose to be for my granddaughter Natalia. 

Maybe it’s time to go back and take another lesson so I can finish this pair and start another, LOL.




  1. So you like knitting both socks at once? Have you used DPN's? I learned on DPN's and have tried knitting one sock on a circ but never tried doing both at once.

  2. I love the basket (of course). Keep looking for another one!

  3. Love the colors in that first pair-so bright and cheery. You basket is wonderful!


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