Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Patchwork Borders

Last Monday, while in Vegas, Jan Krueger taught a new border class.  This is the third in a series of border workshops she teaches.  This one is called “More Patchwork Borders for the young at heart”. Here are the samples I made.

One Fish Two Fish

This first one is One Fish Two Fish – or Ducks.  I think I like the ducks the best.

Checker Board

Second is The stay on your grid checker board with the good corner.  Simple, but effective.


Third is Blossoms in Tasmania.  These are kind of hard to see because I have three of them stacked on top of each other so use your imagination.


Forth is a variation of the blossoms called Half Blossoms Make Hearts. 

Baby Food Jars

Fifth….Baby Food Jars.  What can I say, little and cute.

Delectable Fence Posts

Sixth is a Delectable Fence Posts, unfortunately mine have a minor oops.  It suppose to look like this.

Delectable Fence Posts 2

Oh well, it’s just a sample.

Rectangle Windos

Seventh…..Stay on your grid – Rectangle Windows

Looks like a film strip, doesn’t it?

Giant Zig Zag

Eighth…..Giant Rick Rack – or Prairie Point’s

This is clearly my favorite.  The real trick is using a wonderful stripe to begin with.  If you click on the picture it should get much larger so that you can see the great prairie points.  The stripes alternate directions.  I can hardly wait to use this technique in a future border.

Baby Bows

Ninth and final Border – Baby Bows

Simple four patches turned on point but what a great looking border.

Hope you enjoyed this little show and tell.  I’ll be posting more of my week in Vegas later in the week. 

Right now I have to continue to get ready for the big IQF in Long Beach.  No rest for the weary.


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  1. So sorry that I missed Long Beach again this year! Love your blog posts and would have truly enjoyed meeting you! Next year!!



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