Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Vegas

While at a retreat in Las Vegas two weeks ago, I taught a one day class “Wacky Devine Nine”.  This is a really fun pattern that utilizes a stack and slash method.  I was hoping to get pictures of all of the quilt tops made that day but unfortunately I only got some of them.  Some of the quilters actually made more than one. 

Here is a sampling……

DSCN1201 IMGP1767 IMGP1769 IMGP1772

DSCN1200 IMGP1768

DSCN1203 IMGP1773

DSCN1204 DSCN1205


Quite a variety don’t you think? 

If you’ve made a ‘Wacky Devine Nine” please send me a picture so that I can share it with others.


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