Friday, March 28, 2014

Iron Totes

I’m suppose to be getting all organized and packed for my friendship group’s retreat next week.  But as many of you know, I am easily distracted.  I’m planning on taking at least one large iron and a smaller travel iron.  It’s not like I don’t have anything to take them in, but as I mentioned I’m easily distracted so I decided to make a tote for each of the irons. 

I base them on a casserole carrier that a variety of people have written tutorials for and there are even some YouTube videos that show you how to make them.  The main difference is that I used 2 layers of Insul brite instead of batting.  I also put canvas on the inside of the small one so that I could use it as an ironing surface. 

Here’s the smaller travel size with the iron inside.


Here it is opened up so that you can see the ironing surface on the inside.


And here are both of them.  The large one holds my Rowenta nicely but I had water in it so I left it sitting along side for now. 


I still haven’t sorted and packed so back I go into my sewing room.  I wonder what will sidetrack me next.  Confused smile




  1. Very cute. I guess my irons need one

  2. Fabulous Iron carriers and surface. You are going to be sew stinkin cute at your retreat! Creative Bliss...

  3. My daughter and I were just talking about making an iron carrier/pad. This may be just the inspiration I need.


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