Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art Comes In Many Forms

For those of you that have been to my home you already know that the easiest way to find it is by our painted patio umbrella on our front patio.  We have had it for many, many years and it finally succumbed to the sun, rain and weather in general.  So what should we do?  How do we replace it?  Well we are fortunate to have a very talented granddaughter who is very artistic.  So we ordered a plain white umbrella, bought her some brushes, sponges and paint and turned her loose.  I forgot to take a picture of it before she started sponging the first layer but here it is after the she sponged the background and the painted the first flower. 


She has more to do but she has to go to back to work so it won’t get worked on again for a little while.  But isn’t it just wonderful?  I am so in love with it and of course my dear Natalia.  I love you Tali girl. 



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