Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Laminated My Own Cotton Fabric

At our last Two Wacky Women retreat, Bonnie showed me a cosmetic bag that she had made using a laminating material that she bought at JoAnn’s.  Last week Marilyn and I were out and we stopped at one of our local JoAnn’s and I found it so I bought some to try.   Finally, yesterday I tried it out and here is the “Click-it” bag I made. 

The outside is an old Alexander Henry fabric that I left just plain cotton. 


Here is the inside where I used the laminate.  It was easy to use.  Not nearly as nice as the new laminated fabrics that are starting to pop up everywhere, but it’s OK and definitely makes the fabric water resistant. 


Mine came on a bolt and I found it with the interfacing and fusible fleece (near the cutting table). 


Just like the interfacing and fleece, it has the instructions printed on plastic that is wrap with the product. 


I will no doubt us it again but probably not on the outside.  It’s a little wrinkly and slightly dull (not as shiny as I’d like), but I still like it. 




  1. BTW, there are two different iron on vinyls on the bolt. Glossy and matte. Wondering if what you used was the matte which would explain why it wasn't glossy enough? Inspired by your attempt, I got out my glossy and tried it on a little pouch like you did. I have everything cut out and ready to sew, so I'm still out with the jury on this product. Sure irons on nicely and easily too!


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