Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Frenzy

I’m suppose to be working on samples for Spring Quilt Market but instead I’m supervising my Granddaughter Emily’s quilting project.  On Wednesday I blogged about her picking out fabrics to make a Wacky Devine Nine.   Yesterday she went to the beach so today she was determined to quilt it. 

I have a very old Handiquilter that we can setup in the garage so this morning that’s exactly what we did.  I quilted the first row and then from there she took over and meandered away.  Her back hurt from standing and leaning over but she got it done, just in time to head to Track and Field practice (just one of three High School sports she’s involved in).   Here she is quilting away.



As soon as I picked her up, she was determined to actually finish the quilt.  She had made the binding yesterday (before the beach) so it was ready to sew on.  Here she is with her nose to the grind stone sewing away.


I can’t believe it but she got it finished before her Mom (my Daughter) came and picket her up.  



She’s happy and pretty darn proud to have it completely finished. 

Here’s a close up of the quilting and the backing.



The backing is a nice soft flannel.  Her friend is a Colts fan so we think she’ll really like the backing.

Now it’s back to working on my stuff.  Thank goodness spring break is over, I don’t have much time left. 




  1. Oooh! The pictures are so wonderful! I love seeing her concentration as she works! What a proud Grandma you must be!

  2. What an awesome job she did. You tell her, I love her quilt! Way to go Grandma!


  3. What an awesome job she did. You tell her, I love her quilt! Way to go Grandma!


  4. The next generation of quilters! Nicely done. And, good job doing the Grandma-ing thing.

  5. What an awesome quilt and great have been out of blogging for a while...gotta get too it.


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