Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Morning at Leisure World

Yesterday I was delighted to spend the morning with the Quilting Bees at Leisure World, Seal Beach, CA.  Leisure World holds a special place in my heart, my Mother lived there, and loved it, for over 35 years and it’s only a hop skip and a jump from my home. 


This is the giant globe in front of the main entrance.  Leisure World is a gated senior community.  It is about 1 mile square (although it seems larger) and is virtually a city within itself.  About 9,000 people call it home.  Along with several churches, golf course, amphitheater, medical center, post office, etc., it has quite a few club houses that host many clubs and activities. 

Club House 3 hosts the Quilting Bees every Wednesday morning.   The actually have their own sewing room that has about 12 fairly new Janomes for use by the residents.  It’s a great room with lots of workspace including big, high tables for cutting or basting a quilt.  And yesterday they invited me to bring my trunk show and do my song and dance routine.   I had a wonderful time with this great group of women and hope to go back and teach some classes real soon. 

A big thank you to Ruth Ann and Barbara for inviting me.  Love you guys!



  1. My friends mom lives in Leisure World. When I went to visit I thought I was in a time machine and warped back 40 years. It was LOVELY! People are friendly and the place is so clean.

  2. My SIL's mother lives there and my mom lives in Leisure Village (same concept, but further up the coast). LV also has a great sewing studio with the Janomes and sewing tables. I'm not sure if they have quilting groups but I think I need to check that out. ;)


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