Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flour Tortillas and Mexican Themed Quilts

Recently I showed you this tote that I purchased at Road to California.


I finally got around to making some the other night using this recipe.  They were good but not fabulous.  I still remember my grandmother making homemade tortillas when I was very little, however I have no idea how she did it.  Any suggestions?  I keep thinking I remember her putting buttermilk in the dough.   Like I said they were good (although not exactly round) and my husband loved them. 


This year at Road to California there  was an exhibit called Hot Hot Needles.  Here are just a few of them. 

IMG_2732 IMG_2733
IMG_2734 IMG_2735
IMG_2736 IMG_2737
IMG_2738 IMG_2739

The exhibit was put together by Jane of Quarter Inch Publishing and Monica of Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations




  1. That is my son's favorite birthday meal....

  2. I used to make tortillas with masa harina, which is corn flour treated with lime. They tasted like the real mexican deal. I don't have a source for masa harina anymore and I don't make tortillas now....
    The quilts are awesome. I love the use of skeletons in quilts. Never used them myself.

  3. I got my bag yesterday! Thank you! I plan on trying the recipe. I do remember Aunt Amy putting buttermilk in the tortillas. I kind of think they used sour cream sometimes also. I wish we could remember how they made them.


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