Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Binding–Mitering the Corners

As promised, today I am sharing my way of mitering the corners on binding.  There are lots of ways to do it so this is by no means the only way but it works for me, every time.   There are a lot of pictures (probably more than necessary) but hopefully they will help.   After taking pictures yesterday while I was sewing on the binding of my table runner, I realized there were some gaps, which explains why you see me sewing two different bindings in the photos.  By the way, I also used different feet in the pictures.  Some of the pictures show a ruler that has a 45 degree angle cut across one end but as you will see, any ruler that has a 45 degree line will also work. 

So, here we go.

1.  This method works with just about any width of binding.  In this example I am using 2 1/2” binding folded and pressed in half. 

2.  You can use any foot you want.  I usually use my “regular” foot so that I have a larger seam.  If you want a 1/4” seam use your 1/4” foot, but if like me, you like a little wider seam, pick one a little bit wider.  Starting on one side, sew your binding in place using your pressure foot and edge of your quilt as your guide.


3.  Before you reach the corner stop with your needle down and the fabric still in the machine.  In the first picture below I am using my 45 degree ruler.  In the second picture I use the 45 degree line on a regular ruler.  Which ever you use, line the bottom of the ruler or 45 degree line line along the edge of your quilt, making sure the right hand point meets the corner of the quilt. 



4.  Now draw a line making sure it is something you can see.  Because the line goes from the corner out at a 45 degree angle, it makes no difference which foot you are using.  Simply sew until your needle intercepts the line. 



5.  Leave your needle down and turn the fabric and reverse sew off the edge of your quilt. 


6.  At this point you can pull the quilt and binding slight towards you so that it’s easy to fold the bind and turn the corner.  Fold the binding up, away from you, keeping the right hand side in line with the side of your binding.


7.  Now fold the binding back towards you, once again keeping the raw edge of the binding aligned with the raw edge of the quilt on the right.


8.  Once again using your foot as your guide, sew back on to the the quilt/binding and continue sewing towards the next corner.


9.  After completing all four corners, it’s time to turn your corners.  Here is the corner as I first turn it towards the back.   Looks pretty good doesn’t it.


10.  Flip the quilt over  and finger press the corner up and away.


11.  Now fold the top down and “Wah-la”  a beautiful miter on the back also.


12.  Sew the back of your binding down and you’re all set. 

I’d love to field any questions you might have, so ask away.  One of these day’s I will make a video showing this but for now this will have to do.  I have an easy way to attach the beginning and the end of the binding strips so that it also is a perfect miter without additional bulk, but that too will have to wait for another day. 




  1. That's the way I do mine and you are right = perfect every time!!! Thanks for a great tutorial.

  2. Thank you Robin!! It's good to see the pictures - makes it more understandable :)

  3. Good evening Robin,
    you had 113 German visitors and now you have got 114...:-)), because I found your lovely blog where I walked around for a while! It`s great how you explain step by step your wonderful patchwork!
    I am a mother,grandmother,wife and quilter, too!!
    I send you my best wishes from Germany

  4. Thanks for the tip about drawing the line...I haven't tried that before but definitely will now.

  5. this....thanks so much!!


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