Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sewing – Two Days in a Row – Yea!!!!

My daughter came over today so that I could help her make a few Christmas gifts.  So low and behold I actually sewed two days in a row.    

First up, she wanted to make a pillow for a Secret Santa gift for someone at her work.  The theme this year is the movie “A  Christmas Story”.  She found a tee shirt at Target for $5.00 that had Ralphie on the front.   So we added a border, a back and a  pillow form.  It’s 24” and actually came out pretty darn cute. 


Next she needed a small gift for 4 of her co-workers.  She made each of them a Click-it bag.   We were on a roll and managed to forget to insert the little pull tab on each side but they work just fine without (it was way too much trouble to go back and add them).  


Who know maybe I’ll even sew again tomorrow.  It could become  a habit!  Wouldn’t that be nice. 



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  1. I have never thought to make a pillow from one of those cute shirts! Great idea!


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