Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yea!!!!! It’s finally time to put the Christmas quilt on the bed. 

Christmas Quilt

Last year we loved having it on our bed.  We loved it sooooo much, it was March before I switched it out. 

Here’s a close-up of the quilt. 

Closeup Christmas Quilt

I used my Wacky Devine Nine pattern (  I made it double the size but only used 16 blocks for the quilt and the extra 2 became pillow shames.  BTW the fabric I used was from a Moda line a few years back.

Since I was on a roll, my husband and I put the Christmas tree up,  It’s very, very tall, but I love it.

Christmas Tree 2010

Now I guess I better get serious about doing a little shopping. 




  1. Very cute. And this pattern looks great with a Christmas theme too. Love it.


  2. It looks great! I am planning on putting my Christmas quilt on the bed today!


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