Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Laminated Fabric Meets Fusibles

On Monday I showed you this fabric that I plan on using to make a Letty’s Bag.
IMG_2444 Well, I’m finally getting around to starting the bag this evening.   The pattern for the Letty’s Bag calls for fusing fusible fleece to both the outside and lining pieces.  My past experience told me that wasn’t going to work on this laminated fabric.  I’ve made a bag with oil cloth before and it melts when you put an iron to it so I was afraid the same thing would happen to the laminated cotton. 
Time to experiment…….
Using a Teflon pressing sheet (to protect my iron) I proceed to make my first attempt at fusing the fleece to the wrong side of the fabric.  After letting everything cool down, I removed the Teflon sheet and low and behold it work.  So next I tried fusing fusible interfacing to the wrong side, and once again it worked.
IMG_2448 IMG_2449
You know how sometime when you take a picture you get a reflection that you don’t want.  I tried, I really tried to show you how shinny the fabric is.  The large piece hasn’t had an iron anywhere near it but the two smaller pieces have been ironed to fusible fleece (on the left) and fusible interfacing (on the right).   Sorry, you can’t tell from the pictures but trust me, the ironing (with the pressing sheet) didn’t take away any of the shininess.
I’m excited, now it time to fuse the real thing.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have an update for you.


  1. Are you using fleece or regular fusable? Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. That is exciting news. I am going to have to try it now.

  3. Love that fabric...the bag is going to look fantastic Robin..hugs Khris

  4. I so want to try these...perfect gift for my girls!!!! Love the fabric

  5. So, just wondering what time you will be available tomorrow for me to drive down and buy some of that fabric??!!!?? EEK! I'm excited :)

  6. I hear what you saying about the laminated cottons needing a bit of structure for bags. Glad to see your brave too! I've had luck with Heatn'bond as well!


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