Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thrift Store Find

My friend Beth is forever finding treasures at the local thrift shops.  The other day she posted a darling teachers quilt that has the best backing.  The backing was a new curtain that she found at a thrift shop.  Take a minute and head on over to her blog and see this terrific quilt.  Then come on back here to see what I found. 

I’m in the planning stages of a new tote bag, something to take your workshop/retreat supplies in.  I was planning on going shopping for some upholstery weight fabric.  Inspired by Beth, the next time I drove by one of the local thrift shops I parked and went in to look around.  Well, look what I found.


About 3 yards long, 56” wide, it’s brand new and colors I love.  But best of all it was only $3.00.  Check it out -


If you look closes (actually you don’t even have to look all that close) you will see that one of the cats has already but their stamp of approval on it. 

So Beth, be warned, you have competition for those Thrift Store finds.  smile_wink




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