Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Five, Ten, Twenty Quilts

Every Wednesday night my friendship group, the Wednesday Wackos, get together.  Last night was no exception.  Two of my pals showed up with a Five, Ten, Twenty quilts they had made.

Check out how different they are.

IMG_1675This one was made and quilted by Sue Salinger.  Sue works at Timeless Quilts, in Anaheim, CA.   She used 10 – half yards of different batiks, isn’t it gorgeous?  There is a Southern California Quilt Run starting next week and this will be a store sample, with kits available. 

Next is one made by Linda Castle.

IMG_1674Linda is one of my tried and true pattern testers.  She made this one by pulling fabrics from her stash.  She started out using  5 – one yards but half way through she decided the bright yellow was a little much so for the second half she switched to the lighter yellow.  She was just finishing sewing down the binding last night. 

They look so different, it’s amazing.  My sister Melinda just posted fabrics for a Christmas “Five, Ten, Twenty” over on her blog.  Check it out here.  I’m pretty sure her fabrics will be available as a kit at Tiny Stitches, in Marietta, GA.

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