Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Project – Just What I Need

I haven’t had much time to sew this week.  My daughter is on a business trip to Dallas, TX so my granddaughter Emily is staying with me.  Emily is 16 so you wouldn’t think I’d be busy, but I have been.  Up early to take her to school, picking her up early in the afternoon, driving her (and her friends) to various practices and other random activities, making 40+ chocolate chip pancakes for a class project, whew, I’m tired. 

However, I did have time for this. 


While cleaning out a drawer, I stumbled across an old kit that I purchased many, many years ago.  I have no desire to make the kit but I love the fabrics.  So what to do with them?  I took eight of the fabrics and cut them into charm squares using my Accuquilt GO.  Then I dug around and found some Kona Snow and cut a bunch of it up into charm squares.  I have an idea how I’m going to use them but you’ll have to check back to see my progress later.  The other two fabrics will be used in borders or binding, we’ll see.

Unfortunately, this still has priority and is sitting next to my sewing machine (amongst the messy desk) waiting to be sewn together. 


That’s all I need to do, sew it together, their are no borders so it really shouldn’t be such a big deal.  Maybe today I can get it finished. 




  1. Hi Robin, did you get the piecing done? Can't wait to see the final pic. Hugs Naomi


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