Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Welcome–2019–I’m looking forward to fun and hard work!

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This year my sewing room is going to be shown as part of the Orange Grove Quilter’s Guild quilt room tour and luncheon  I am looking forward to a fantastic year of being creative but because I’m just a little (or a lot messy), I have my work cut out for me.  Hopefully, everyday I can make a small dent in getting it presentable. 

Of course while this happens, several things are on my list that I really need to get accomplished.  First things first.  My step daughter recently got married.  Although they have been together for 11 years they surprised us with getting married suddenly a few weeks ago.  So of course I need to make them a wedding quilt.  I’ve started it but it will take me a while.  The plan is a double wedding ring (sort of) using the Metro Ring pattern along with their curved ruler. 

But, isn’t there always a but?  In the mean time I they want an old fashioned flannel rag quilt with Day of the Dead fabric.  Sounds simple enough except for the life of me I can not find flannel Day of the Dead fabric.  So my backup plan is to use regular cotton Day of the Dead fabric along with a bright colored flannel in the center and black on the back.  Thank goodness my entire family will help with the clipping but in the mean time I am sewing away. 


Have a great year and stay with me for the journey of cleaning my messy sewing room.



P.S.  I have until June 22 to get ready for the tour.  Wish me luck and send prayers and empty boxes!

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  1. What a clever way to get the flannel into the Day of the Dead piece! I love how the bright color peeks out. Good luck with your cleaning and organizing. That slogan and the top speaks to me :)


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