Sunday, January 6, 2019

And Now For The Hard Part



I mentioned the other day that a request (one that I couldn’t say no to) was made of me to make a flannel rag quilt using Day of the Dead fabric.  After searching the internet and my local fabric store (M & L), I realized if Day of the Dead flannel exists it’s doing a very good job of hiding.  So it was time to go to plan “B” (remember this is one I can’t say no to). 

What is plan “B” you ask?  I have lots of Day of the Dead regular cotton fabric so I decided to put it on one side.  The back of it is black flannel and then each square has a colored piece of flannel as the middle layer that will hopefully show better once it’s clipped, washed and dried.  The blocks are cut at 10” but using 1/2” seams they should measure 9” before it is washed and dried.  Who knows how much it will shrink up but it’s starting out 72” x 90”.  Nice and big to nap on the couch with while snuggling with the doggies.

Tonight is family dinner night, guess what we’re doing after we eat…………..clip, clip, clip, the hard part. 




  1. I hope you have the special ragging scissors! Last time I snipped snipped with regular ones my hand was sore for days.

  2. Very clever solution to use the colored flannels along with the cotton day of the dead fabric!


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