Sunday, December 16, 2018

Am I seeing double???

As usual on a quiet Sunday morning I am sitting here checking my email and visiting Facebook to see what everyone is up to.  Today is tamale making day at my house so it’s about to get crazy.  Yesterday was tamale making day for my cousins in San Diego and of course they posted pictures. 

So why am I seeing double???

This is a quilt that I have hanging on my wall in my living room.  It was made by Frances Moore (I love Frances) and I purchased it during a quilt auction many years ago.  According to the label it was made back in 1999.  Every Christmas I pull it out and display it. 


So what a shock it was when I saw this picture on my cousin Stephanie Landa’s Facebook page this morning.

stephanie Landa

Now I bet you are seeing double. 




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