Friday, December 7, 2018

Five of a Kind - 2018

A while back I shared the the 5 travel cases I made for the “Five of a Kind” Christmas gift exchange that I participate in each years.  Once again, here’s what I made. 

IMG_0486Today was the day for our exchange and luncheon.  Want to see what I received????? I did good.  I’m very pleased. 

Here we go.


First up, this darling little wall hanging made by Justine Gentile.  It will look great on my front door in February. 


Another wall hanging but this one is made from wool.  See that big bell on his hat?  This was made by Lynette Ashton.


A beautiful hand stitch eye glass case (or maybe a case for my rotary cutter) was made by Christi Kolisnyk.


Pat Adair made this wonderful wall hanging to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.  This one may be a little large for my front door but I will definitely find a place to hang it in March.  Love the label Pat. 

Last but certainly not least is a candle holder with a battery operated candle.  Nancy Post made this using the bottom of clay pots for the base and the top told.  I guess she glued them in place before painting the entire this.  It is really well made. 


I guess that it until next year.  I’ll start thinking about that after we get through the holidays. 



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