Saturday, September 9, 2017

Lap Quilt for my Laptop

As some of you know, I can be easily distracted at times.  Yesterday I was sitting in my usual spot on the sofa in the living room, with my laptop sitting on a cooling fan base and realized the darn cooling fan was digging into my legs, leaving marks.  I’m a quilter so what do quilters do?  They drop everything and make a little quilt to sit on their lap to protect it from the base of the cooling fan.  Isn’t that what everyone does? 

So off I went into my sewing room and although this is a simple little project I spent quite a bit of time deciding on the fabric to use.  I finally realized it needed to be made with a fabric that you will find spread throughout my house, pillows as well as on the seat of all my dining room chairs and chairs in my library.  BTW, I still have enough of the fabric to make a gazillion more pillows or whatever, I doubt that I’ll ever run out. 

So here it is,………… Lap Quilt for my Laptop…………………………..


And on my lap, doing it’s job.


Simple, yes?  No not really.  I decided I wanted to quilt the center of it with overlapping circles using my Westalee rulers.  Great idea but the while practicing I continually had skipped stitches.  I tried everything, new needle, adjust the top tension as well as the bobbin tension.  I cleaned and oiled the machine but nothing seemed to work.  I finally changed the thread and all of a sudden no more skipped stitches.  It’s hard to see but here’s the circles I quilted.


Of course then I had to decide on the binding and that took a while but I finally decided on two different greens and completed the little quilt using a faux piping technique that I explain in a tutorial that I link to over there on the right ------>.

So now I have a little quilt to sit on my lap when I set my laptop and cooling fan base on my lap……………….it only took me all day. 

But I like it.




  1. Ha ha, yes! I've had projects like that. So simple that it took all day. Your laptop quilt turned out great; I love the faux piping binding.

    What's up with thread that causes skipping? I have several spools marked with an "X" because they cause skipped stitches. If I wind a bobbin with them, that's fine, but they can't be used for quilting AT ALL. Whyyyyyy???


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