Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Design Wall Monday turned into Finish Up Tuesday

Yesterday I really did plan to post a Design Wall Monday picture but when I looked at my design wall there wasn’t anything on it.  However that didn’t mean I didn’t have anything in process or quilts that needed to be finished up

So yesterday I finished adding the border on this Quartered Stripes quilt. 


For some reason I felt the need to miter the border so that added a little time to the process.  In any event the top is finished and ready to be quilted.  See you tomorrow Vivs and Russ

Today was the day to add the binding on my first Quartered Stripe quilt that I shared a while back. 


Here’s a close-up of the faux piping binding that’s become my go to binding.  Remember I have a link over there on the right to show you how I make it.  --->


If you’d like to make your own Quartered Stripe quilt, Jenny at Missouri Star has a nice YouTube video that shows you how simple it is. 



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