Friday, May 13, 2011

What’s Up with Blogger?????

Hopefully we’re back on track.  I wasn’t able to post to my blog yesterday due to the problem, but I’m all caught up now. 

If you missed it, Kim was the winner of my 500th blog post give-away.  I had fun shopping for her.  Kim please send me an email here so that I know where to send your prize when I return home. 

Yesterday after Melinda and I finished setting up and visiting the local Walmart (of course) we decided to visit one of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive ins, and Dives.  It was the Red Iguana located here in Salt Lake City.  the Red Iguana is known for having ten different Mole sauces.  One of the items was enchilada filled with carnitas and covered with one of their Mole sauces.  Melinda and I each ordered the same thing.  the waitress told us that it was little spicy and we both replied no problem.  Melinda I grew up with a Mexican father so we “know spicy”.  No problem, we said.  Wellllllll!!!!  Apparently we don’t know what a little spicy is.  It was the hottest (spicy hot) that I have ever had, but it was delicious.  Both of us set there eating our enchiladas with runny noses and watery eyes.  What can I say, WE LOVED IT!!!!


The entire restaurant was delightfully decorated with bright colors and oil cloth tablecloths on all the tables.  But, here is the picture you have to see, the front door.   Here is the inside of the door.


And, here is the outside of the door.

IMG_3360I’d love to have the nerve to cover my front door like this but I think my neighbors might frown on it. 

Today was really fun.  We got to see a lot of old friends and meet a lot of new friends.  It seems to me that this year, Spring Market is bigger than ever.   We followed up the long day with a wonderful dinner that Moda hosted.  Thank you, Moda. 

Now, we’re back in our room, tired but happy, drinking wine and watching TV.  It starts all over, bright and early tomorrow. 



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  1. You can cover you quilt-room door like that. Then no one would care. And, it will just spell creative.


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